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Don’t do more damage than the ice has already done!

Safe, low pressure, high heat steam by a professional team

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Why Choose The Ice Dam Experts?

We are licensed, bonded, insured and have over 30 years experience!
Did you know your house can sustain more damage from improper ice dam removal? 


Low Pressure

The only safe method to remove your ice dam is using low pressure, high heat STEAM. Don’t be fooled by someone offering a heated application or using a power washer! Both these methods can damage your roof, your gutters and your fascia. 

Experienced Workers

The ICE DAM EXPERTS have been helping homeowners and have over 30 years experience in safely removing your ice dams. Our staff will explain what you need and protect your home from the fallout of the removed snow and ice from your roof.

Fast and Timely

We have multiple crews operating in the Twin Cities area, and offer online scheduling for your convenience. Simply complete the form below and you can schedule your appointment as early as today. Because we are ICE DAM EXPERTS, we often do homes in 1/3 of the time!

Always Reliable

We will make your next day appointment on time* or you get $100 off your service! Simply fill out the form below to select your time and The ICE DAM EXPERTS will be ready to quickly remove your ice dam from your home 

Professional Service

ICE DAM EXPERTS are a part of Amana Construction. Amana has been serving the Metropolitan Twin Cities market since 2001 and specializes in exterior work including roofing, siding and windows. Our team is always available to answer questions and assist in your questions. 

Text or Call

Want more information before making an appointment? Text or call us today at (612) 978-3104 or email us at

What Causes Ice Dams?

Ice dams occur on heated buildings with sloping roofs in cold climates with deep snow accumulation. Ice dams on roofs form when accumulated snow forms an insulating layer under cold conditions that would cause the freezing point to be within the snow layer, if it were not subject to melting. Instead, building heat coming through the roof’s surface melts the snow resting on it. This causes meltwater to flow down the roof, until it reaches below a place on the roof’s surface that is below freezing—typically at the eaves where there is no building heat.

Aren't All Ice Dams the Same?

Absolutely not! Ice dams form based on the amount of heat coming through your roof that melts the snow closest to the roof. As the snow melts, water flows until it reaches a place on your roof where it can refreeze. Sometimes this is the eaves, sometimes other locations.

Why is Steam Ice Dam Removal Better?

Hot steam is the only safe method to your ice problem. We use the hot steam to gently remove the damaging snow and ice without causing damage to the underlying structure. Untreated ice dams often result in costly repairs.

What About Pressure Washers?

Hot, low pressure steam gently lifts the ice dam off your roof. High pressure washers can actually make the problem worse! The high pressure stream of water can damage your roof and shingles, and forces water to the underlayment where it can refreeze and cause even more damage.

Can't I Just Shovel My Roof?

Shoveling your roof is dangerous! Your roof is steep, snow and ice covered and well off the ground! Successfully shoveling your roof requires the entire roof be cleared. Shoveling part way up a roof will cause an ice dam to form at the location where the snow was left, because the meltwater will freeze when it hits the freezing air.

Will You Shovel My Roof?

Yes! We will come to your house with a 2 man crew and shovel your roof for $129/hour (1 hour minimum). We charge an additional $35/hour for steep roofs (over 7/12 pitch). Please let us know in advance if your roof is 7/12 pitch or more.

Why Not Just Chip The Ice Away?

Removal of the snow and ice with a hammer, chisel or other tools is likely to damage the integrity of the roof. It increases the likelihood of leaks and can destroy shingles and underlayment,

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